Is Phenocal The Best Weight Loss Supplement Out There?

According to studies more than 88% of teenagers, especially girls, perceive themselves as overweight. “Perceive” is the keyword here as they don’t know if their weight is ideal or not. That’s a massive number of people not feeling good about their bodies.

Weight loss is always one of the top priorities of a large number of people. Because, how look matters the most in today’s world especially with the dating and relationship arena, it is no surprise that people are looking for ways to lose weight and stay fit and fab.

While some people can do this through exercise and diet, others struggle due to many reasons such as a medical condition that contributes to weight gain, stress, lack of time to exercise or any other challenges.

There are many ways to reduce weight. Some of the traditional and practical approaches are following a healthy and nutritious diet, workout, physical activities such as games and sports. Although these methods are proven to provide positive results, it takes a lot of time and dedication to follow them.

Also, the results may not be evident soon, and consistent efforts are needed. There are some crash diets and following them would “seemingly” make you think you are losing weight, but most of them are fads and causes more damage than good.

There are various supplements in the market to help you lose weight faster. Let’s have a look at one of the popular ones among them called Phenocal. Phenocal is a natural supplement that helps in quick weight loss and maintaining increased energy throughout the day.

Is Phenocal effective in helping you lose weight?

Phenocal was first introduced in the market in early 2009 by Pharmaxa Labs. They reiterate that all the ingredients used to manufacture this pill are herbal and are entirely natural.  The company’s official statement mentions that the components are carefully chosen after thorough research to help burn body fat. They also believe that Phenocal will help thousands of people who are obese and struggling to lose weight will be benefited from the product.

Is it a safe weight loss supplement?

Phenocal is a 100% natural product, and there are zero to little chances of having any side-effects. It is safe for people of any age or gender. Since all the ingredients are natural, it does not cause any organ damage or allergies like many other supplements.

Ingredients used

The makers of Phenocal has been entirely transparent about the ingredients used in the pill. More than 20 ingredients go into the production of this supplement for weight loss process; all of them are natural, and some of them are patented.

Here is a list of the essential ingredients:

Fucoxanthin: This is a type of seaweed, primarily promotes metabolism and increase body temperature for faster burning of fat.

Cocoa Extract: Being a naturally caffeinated product, it also supports thermogenesis and cuts down on water weight. This is natural caffeine which will help to reduce the water weight. It is also loaded with polyphenols which resists the formation of fats and incorporation of it into the body.

Biotin: Helps to metabolize fats and proteins

Chromium (Picolinate): The tendency to eat carbohydrates is resisted with this ingredient.

Glucomannan: This is a type of soluble fiber that will keep people satiated for a more extended period, preventing binge eating and snacking.  This will also stop overeating if the pill is taken before the main meal. Glucomannan also regulates blood sugar level avoiding sugar spiking and promotes smooth bowel movement.

Hoodia Gordonii: Just like Glucomannan, this is another herb that will prevent overeating by suppressing your appetite. This herb can be found in abundance in South Africa. This is one of the leading ingredients of Phenocal.

Folic Acid: Folic acid promotes the ability of the body to burn stored fats into energy. More energy means more strength to perform rigorous physical activities and in turn burn more calories.

Coleus Forskohlii: This can be considered a herb similar to mint. It stimulates the production of cAMP (cyclic AMP) that helps in fat-burning and high metabolism.

5 HTP (5-Hydroxyptophan): This is a “happy” amino acid and as the name implies will increase the amount of dopamine and other such hormones. These hormones will, in turn, remove unwanted stress and stress-hormones and boost one’s general mood. This will help a person to focus on healthy weight loss initiatives.

Green Tea Leaf Extract: There are many studies that back the fact that green tea helps to burn fat because of the presence of catechins that promotes fat burn.

Vitamin B5: Vitamins B5 is a type of antioxidant that promotes general wellness, better energy, improved performance in athletes and fat breakdown.

Conjugated Linoeic Acid: Often referred as CLA, this acid helps in building muscle mass and promotes fat loss primarily from the abdomen area or stomach fat which is the most stubborn fat in the body

Evodiamine: It is derived from the tetradium genus of plants and has been successfully proven to have fat burning abilities by raising body temperature.

Bioperine: Bioperine is a common ingredient present in almost every supplement. It acts more like a booster for all the other parts thus enabling them to respond sooner and show results faster.

What about Phenocal reviews and side effects?

Many users claimed to have lost a significant amount of weight after using Phenocal along with lifestyle changes. Most of the phenocal reviews say that if used complementary to a good exercise and diet regimen, it can significantly increase metabolism and reduce appetite. No dangerous side effects have been reported against its name as the ingredients are mostly herbs and natural.

Bottom line: Does Phenocal work?

Phenocal is clinically proven to possess the capability to increase metabolism and suppress excess hunger. However, unlike other weight loss production houses, Pharmaxa labs insist on following a healthy diet and active life along with taking the pill. That’s why the pill comes with an exercise book and a diet chart, encouraging people to keep an active life and a healthy diet. This increases the credibility of Phenocal.

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